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Privacy Policy

JLD Plan Consultants is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of any information received in the course of its consulting services.

Notice and Use of Personal Information

Should you have any inquiries or complaints about JLD Plan Consultants' use of personal information, please contact Jodi DiCenzo at 847-316-0301.


JLD Plan Consultants does not disclose any personal or other confidential information to any other third parties except as required by law or as authorized by its client.

Onward Transfer

JLD Plan Consultants does not transfer personal or other confidential information to any third party working on its behalf unless the third party agrees to be held to the same or higher principles and standards as those employed by JLD Plan Consultants. A signed, written agreement is required before any third party working on the behalf of JLD Plan Consultants would receive any personal or other confidential information. The written agreement would fully explain the confidential nature of any personal or other confidential information transferred and require the expressed, written permission of JLD Plan Consultants prior to that third party's release of any personal or other confidential information transferred to them. JLD Plan Consultants may also be directed to transfer data to additional vendors as directed by the client organization.


JLD Plan Consultants applies the following security precautions when using personal information:

   All employees sign confidentiality agreements prior to commencing employment.
   All employees undergo training that describes the confidential nature of any personal or other     confidential information and the Safe Harbor Principles that apply to the use of personal information.
   Two firewalls separate the storage of any personal or other confidential information from the     website and the internet.
   Secure, offsite storage is maintained.
   Destruction of any hard copy personal or other confidential information is handled in a secure     fashion.

Data Integrity

JLD Plan Consultants will only receive and process personal information that is necessary to execute its duties and responsibilities under its agreements with clients. While JLD Plan Consultants will review the reasonableness of any personal information received from its clients, the ultimate responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of personal information sent to JLD Plan Consultants lies with the sending client.


Where appropriate, and the cost of doing so is not disproportionate to the risks to the individual's privacy, individuals can request access to their personal information in order to be able to correct, amend or delete any inaccurate information, provided that the rights of other individuals are not violated.


JLD Plan Consultants acknowledges commitment to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles. Any complaints should be sent to 1740 Ridge Avenue, Suite 216, Evanston, Illinois 60201, USA. All complaints will be investigated, and response to inquiries or complaints will be made in a timely manner. If violations of the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles are found, appropriate action will be taken. In the event that an agreement to resolve a dispute cannot be reached, JLD Plan Consultants agrees to have the EU Data Protection Authorities serve as the recourse mechanism.


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